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ANTICHRIST WATCH: Is the Anti-Christ alive today? Signs say yes

Nov 15, 2020 ,
ANTICHRIST WATCH: Is the Anti-Christ alive today? Signs say yes

 What exactly will be the personality of the anti-Christ? Is he alive today, and if so, will the Christians taken out of the world in the Rapture know who he is?

I am certain we are nearing the time of the Rapture for many reasons, but the main one is that hundreds of prophesies that where laid out in the Bible for the last days can either be accomplished or already have been accomplished. From real-time worldwide media coverage of the mass persecution of Christians on a worldwide scale, the slaughter of the Christian population in the Middle East is an example of this. Interestingly enough, it is barely mentioned in the mainstream media.

Even as small as Wasilla is, I have been subjected to persecution on a small scale. The technology for the mark of the beast is available and is used on a small scale in Florida. It is made by VeriChip. That’s not to mention the World Council of Churches (WCC) that wants to reconcile all religions into one (including atheism).

So the question now turns to the anti-Christ. Is he alive today, and if so, how would a Christian identify him? There are two ways this can be accomplished. The first is by using the Bible description, the second is the nature of previous anti-Christ.

2 Thessalonians describes the anti-Christ as the son for perdition. The Hebrew meaning for this word is waste. In other words, he will lay waste to anything that he can control. His desire to control the world would require his first move be to destroy any country that may try to stop him. He would, through lies, become the leader of the country, then destroy the country to the point that it could not interfere with him. This would include economically, militarily and socially. He very possibly could start in this country, or any country that might try to oppose his world domination.

Satan will use proven methods for the anti-Christ. A close study of the most recent anti-Christ proves to be very interesting. Here are a few facts to consider about him that could reveal the next anti-Christ.

His place and date of birth were very sketchy. He was born in one country, but moved to another country when he was young. His father had several children by different women. Shortly after his birth, his father abandoned him and his mother. He was raised by his mother because his father was out of the scene. His mother died when he was young. Later in life, he wrote a book idolizing his father even though he had been abandoned. He was raised with one faith, but then converted to Christianity as it was more widely accepted in his new country. He seemed to appear politically from nowhere, but it was known and accepted that most of his support was from anonymous people who were behind the scenes. In his 40s, they said he had a golden tongue being able to convince almost everybody of anything.

He had a nonexistent résumé for the position of the nation’s leader. He was very critical of his own country, especially where it concerned the military and law enforcement. His views on the economy of his country are how he attained the position as the country’s leader. His speeches nearly always included references to what were seen as persecuted people and minorities.

Who was this anti-Christ? I’m sure you know it was Adolph Hitler. At this point I must ask if you were thinking of someone else.

I firmly believe that the anti-Christ is alive today. The Bible gives us the fulfilled prophesy, and just as Jesus told the Pharisees of his time that they knew the law, but not the prophesy, therefore they could not know who he was. Many today know the law, but not the prophesy of the end times, therefore they are not looking for it. Those who are looking for him will probably know or at least suspect (2 Thessalonians 2:3). The rest who are not looking for him will know for sure about three and a half years after he comes to world power.


Source: ANTICHRIST WATCH: Is the Anti-Christ alive today? Signs say yes | Columnists | anchoragepress.com


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