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GoFundMe Makes Big Move Against Voter Fraud Whistleblower

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GoFundMe Makes Big Move Against Voter Fraud Whistleblower

A crowdfunding campaign for a United States Postal Service worker who signed an affidavit alleging voter fraud has been put on hold by GoFundMe, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said.

Richard Hopkins, a postal worker in Erie, Pennsylvania, said in a sworn affidavit that he had been ordered to turn in ballots collected after Election Day and deliver them to a supervisor. He then, according to his statement, said heard that supervisor planning to backdate those ballots so they would still be eligible to be counted in the hotly contested state.

According to O’Keefe, on Sunday, after the fundraiser had beaten its goals, GoFundMe put a hold on the funds, meaning Hopkins was ineligible to withdraw them.

“BREAKING: [GoFundMe] has flagged [USPS] Whistleblower Richard Hopkins campaign after raising nearly $120,000 in 24 hours,” O’Keefe said in a tweet Sunday.

“Your fundraiser is currently under review and withdrawals are on hold,”

The move was retweeted by Donald Trump Jr.

“They’re flagging a whistleblower?” the eldest son of President Donald Trump said Monday. “The same people that would do anything for whistleblowers who would come against conservatives regardless of credibility???

“You would think these woke people would want to protect all the whistleblowers but I guess it only goes one way.”

Biden won Erie County by 1 percentage point.

On Tuesday — after the GoFundMe campaign was suspended — it was reported by The Washington Post that Hopkins had recanted his affidavit.

However, in a video statement posted by O’Keefe, Hopkins said he hadn’t recanted. He added that officials tried to pressure him to drop the story.

GoFundMe has a history of interfering in fundraisers for seemingly political reasons, almost always with a liberal bent.

In June, the crowdfunding platform shut down a fundraiser started by conservative commentator Candace Owens for a business owner who faced boycotts because he called George Floyd a “thug” in private text messages with one of his employees.

GoFundMe also pulled a campaign for a police officer involved in a South Bend, Indiana, shooting despite the fact that the officer was eventually cleared. The claim, in that case, was that the campaign raised money “for legal defense where an individual has been killed.”

In Hopkins’ case, the documents he signed were legally binding and opened him to serious legal repercussions if he were lying. He’s apparently been placed on unpaid leave, although it’s not clear whether this was directly connected to the fact he came forward as a whistleblower.

O’Keefe said Hopkins had been put on non-pay status by the Postal Service and posted a letter to prove it.


Affidavit of Richard Hopkins:


This is an excerpt from the Western Journal. For the full version, click here.


Source: Big Tech Firm Makes Big Move Against Voter Fraud Whistleblower


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