• Fri. Dec 4th, 2020

Vladimir Putin to resign as president

Vladimir Putin to resign as president

Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning on resigning early next year, according to a report by The Sun.

The report cited Moscow political scientist Valery Solovei, who claimed that the 68-year-old Russian president’s family has been pressuring him to step down.

“There is a family, it has a great influence on him. He intends to make public his handover plans in January,” Solovei said.

Solovei also pointed to rumors that Putin is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Putin, who has served as Russia president for 17 of the last 20 years – first from New Year’s eve 2000 to May 2008, and again since 2012 to the present – also served as Russia’s premier in between his two terms as president.

Amid claims Putin is considering leaving office, Russian lawmakers are currently weighing a bill which would grant former presidents lifetime immunity from criminal prosecution.


Source: PROPHECY HEADLINES.COM: Report: Vladimir Putin to resign as president


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