• Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

Mark Zell: ‘Trump’s right, we won the election’

Mark Zell: 'Trump's right, we won the election'

Republican Party in Israel Chairman Mark Zell today expressed support for U.S. President Donald Trump’s assertion there is widespread vote fraud in favor of Biden.

In a 103FM interview, Zell stated, “Trump’s right; we won this election and they’re trying to steal it from us.

“We’re appealing to local courts in different states to stop counting fake votes,” Zell explained regarding United States goings-on at this time.

“We haven’t lost anything yet, the count isn’t over,” Zell stressed in response to media reports that Biden’s alleged victory is already guaranteed.

“There’s evidence of mass voter fraud in the swing states. Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania,” Zell added, noting, “For example, in Michigan in the middle of the night, 128,000 votes emerged for Biden, with no votes for Trump.”

CNN today reported that if President Trump loses in the state of Georgia to Joe Biden, he will demand a recount in the state.

Earlier, CNN reported the President is also considering legal action in Arizona and Nevada.


Source: Mark Zell: ‘Trump’s right, we won the election’ – Inside Israel – Israel National News



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