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New Madrid Seismic Zone earthquake swarm raises concern

Oct 11, 2020
New Madrid Seismic Zone earthquake swarm raises concern

The New Madrid Seismic Zone is heating up

Missouri-based YouTuber Dutchsinse, a.k.a. Michael Yuri Janitchissued an earthquake warning for the New Madrid Seismic Zone earlier this week only to be right as a swarm of earthquakes was detected on Wednesday resolidifying fears of a bigger one.

“A new earthquake swarm has broken out down here on the New Madrid Seismic Zone,” Janitch said in a video posted on YouTube Wednesday. “…right on the edge of the New Madrid Seismic Zone right where the bend goes up to the north into the foothills of Missouri.”

The swarm of quakes hit near the town of Success, Arkansas, and ranged from 2.0 to 2.6 in magnitude.

“This earthquake swarm can not be a coincidence–we’ve gone many many months without any kind of swarm activity on the New Madrid and this is exactly in the spot where we were looking for something to take place,” he explained. “We may not be done yet we might see many more earthquakes this size.”

The popular YouTuber says it “would be ideal” if the area would just “swarm out” instead of building up enough pressure and energy to create a “big one.”

Janitch also said he has been keeping an eye on California’s San Andreas Fault and Long Valley Caldera which also seems to be displaying activity.

“The reason we were looking at the New Madrid was because of the sudden outbreak of hotspots,” he said.



Source: New Madrid Seismic Zone earthquake swarm raises concern


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