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See irate mothers confront school board’s adoption of BLM

See irate mothers confront school board's adoption of BLM

In one of the many school districts across the nation adopting Black Lives Matter curriculum, concerned parents confronted board members at a meeting, accusing them of caving to a radical agenda.

“Now, suddenly, the board has attempted to jump on the woke bandwagon. What happened? Did you suddenly decide our schools have terrible racism problems?” asked a mother of the Sarasota County School District in Florida, reported the Gateway Pundit.

“My guess is you were approached by some type of lobbyist that represents a larger organization determined to alter our entire education system and use our kids and more importantly to you, our tax dollars,” she said.

The mother charged that the school board wants to bring in the “radical ideologies embraced by BLM & Antifa,” which include “dismantling the nuclear family and defunding the police.”

As she grew more emotional, she noted the “gruesome footage of two Los Angeles officers being ambushed by a gunman in their car, waiting conveniently at the hospital where BLM activists blocking the ambulance and shouting death to police.”

She also pointed to BLM activists recently in St. Petersbug, Florida, who “ambushed diners and scream in their face in demand they raise a fist.”

“These bullying tactics and violent scenes scare children like the screaming seen outside. Don’t think incidents won’t happen in our schools like this,” she warned.

“I don’t know why we pretend anymore that this school board is nonpartisan,” she said. “Everything you do embraces leftist indoctrination right down to the hand-selected incoming board member whose spouse’s name appears on Antifa membership lists.

“Everyone in this room should be scared.”

One parent argued teachers are paid to be “nonpartisan.”

“That’s what we pay you for. We don’t pay you for your opinions,” the parent said.

A BLM activist insisted the curriculum is about black history being taught in the classroom, not about an organization.

“I don’’t understand, like, why this is even a debate, honestly, between them. It’s just history. Point blank. We teach science English, Math, Arithmetic, Spelling, Writing, & History,” the activist said.

Another Black Lives Matter activist charged the United States is “built on racist and vile actions.”

She said it’s “a truth and we must teach the truth.”

“We can work upon righting our wrongs of the past, but we can only do that through teaching history how it actually was, not in this whitewashed history. And through teaching love and acceptance, through different things like diversity and, you know, counseling and acceptance. Teaching. Um. Yeah. That’s all.”

Another activist said “when you’re born white, you’re born with privilege.”

“Most people never acknowledge that privilege or fail to see the pain in other people. Native activists in Sarasota County have actually come forward and addressed this concern to the school board previously, but nothing has been done,” he said.

One activist insisted BLM is not a political movement.

“If you go look at our chapter and Sarasota’s Facebook, the Sarasota Alliance, you will see that we are nonpartisan. You will not see one thing about Biden, nor you will see anything about voting for Trump.”

He said the American “history of violence against black people has gone on, that’s gone such hushed and swept under the rug.”

“Your children should be taught the whole dirty truth about American history,” he said.

See a video of the school board meeting:


Source: See irate mothers confront school board’s adoption of BLM


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