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President Trump and First Lady both test “positive” for COVID-19… doesn’t that mean Joe Biden and Chris Wallace are now infected, too?

Oct 2, 2020
President Trump and First Lady both test “positive” for COVID-19… doesn’t that mean Joe Biden and Chris Wallace are now infected, too?


President Trump announced late last night that he and First Lady Melania Trump have both “tested positive” for covid-19. According to his tweet (below), “We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

But does this test result mean anything? We already know from numerous media reports — including the NY Times — that the vast majority of “positive” test results are false.

Neither President Trump nor Melania Trump are showing any symptoms of sickness, so they don’t quality as being sickened by the coronavirus.

Furthermore, President Trump is likely still taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure, which means his real-world risk of ever showing symptoms of sickness is extremely low, despite his age of 74.

This diagnosis is probably meaningless. The tests currently being used to diagnose “positive” cases are extremely unreliable and can be triggered by almost any previous coronavirus infection, such as a common cold type coronavirus.

In fact, nearly all the global testing for covid-19 is scientifically meaningless. Since there’s no science-based confidence in either the accuracy or specificity of such tests, they offer no useful information to someone who either tests positive or negative.


“Trump had rallies scheduled on Friday and Saturday in Florida and Wisconsin, respectively, but it is unlikely that those will go forward,” reports Breitbart.com. But it seems pointless to alter the president’s schedule based on a test result that isn’t reliable in the first place.

Some users at Brighteon.social are speculating that the covid-19 diagnosis may be a cover for Trump going into hiding while he activates a military response against left-wing insurrectionists and deep state traitors. That’s pure speculation at this point, but it does seem like America is headed into a civil war / uprising scenario where the president will need to take extraordinary measures to protect himself and his family members from a deep state coup attempt.

Watch for deranged Leftists to now publicly hope that Trump will die from the infection, because that’s the kind of “death wish” lunatics they are.

In truth, President Trump is extremely unlikely to be harmed by the virus, because most covid-19 deaths occur among elderly people who are killed by ventilators or who suffer from numerous severe health conditions such as high blood pressure or strokes.

The real question here is that if Trump is truly infected, then did Trump accidentally infect Joe Biden since both candidates were screaming and spitting at each other during the recent debate?

And is Fox News fake moderator Chris Wallace infected, too, since he was sitting right in front of them while wearing no mask? Wouldn’t that be the most ironic story of the year if President Trump infected Chris Wallace with the coronavirus while Wallace interrupted him 75 times in 90 minutes?

Finally, Joe Biden visually appears to be in far worse health than Trump, so if Biden gets infected, he would seemingly have a much higher risk of serious complications or death. Then again, if Joe Biden disappeared into a lockdown quarantine, nobody could tell the difference, since he almost never appears in public anyway.


Source: President Trump and First Lady both test “positive” for COVID-19… doesn’t that mean Joe Biden and Chris Wallace are now infected, too? – NaturalNews.com


Trump and Melania test positive for coronavirus, president vows to bring quarantine ‘immediately’


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