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President Trump to visit Duluth, Minnesota

Sep 26, 2020 ,
President Trump has plans to visit Duluth, Minnesota

President Trump plans to visit Minnesota next week, a state he lost in 2016 to then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump is expected to hold a rally at Duluth International Airport at 5 p.m. Wednesday CT, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The president has stepped up his campaign efforts in Minnesota, which has voted Democrat for nearly 50 years. He is making his second trip to the state this month with Nov. 3 only six weeks away.

Minnesota’s early voting period began Sept. 18, when 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden visited Duluth and Trump made an appearance at Bemidji Regional Airport.

Trump attempted to appeal to working and middle-class voters in the Midwest with promises of bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., selling more American-made goods and protecting suburban communities.

Biden has made similar appeals to blue-collar voters in Minnesota, saying in a speech to union workers during his trip to Duluth of his plans to boost U.S. manufacturing, sell U.S. goods and make sure no American worker making less than $400,000 per year pays “a single penny more in taxes.”


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